40, Laughlines, & a Big Ole Lump of “Doh”

Things look a little different as we age…….in more ways than one.  Things aren’t quite where we left them. Life shifts. We are now compelled to think about things we were once too young to have to consider: maybe something as small as a new skincare routine and upping your calcium intake. Maybe something bigger, like making life decisions for an aging parent. Maybe moving on after a divorce, or letting go of the last kid in the house who flew the coop for his first job in Seattle.

Maybe time has marched right across your face, or you’ve traded your 38D for a 38Long.

It’s not a parallel universe; it’s just a life shift. 40 isn’t the new 25. 40 is 40. 45 is 45. 50 is 50. And so on. We don’t need to make this shift anything more than what it is, because what it is suffices.  We can define it, redefine it, color it in, scribble outside the lines, dress it up, dress it down, or do with it as we please. That’s the beauty of 40+.

Life over 40 is Play-Doh. Turn it over in your hands. Dream big. Change the rules. Then pull up a chair, grab a cup of whatever, and let’s chat about how we’re doing it! 

I will if you will……..  -Hilly




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